Cargo Manager Importer Security Filing System

Cargo Manager Systems has implemented Importer Security Filing by allowing users to file combined AMS with ISF (10+2) or standalone ISF (10+2) in order to comply with US CBP Importer Security Filing requirements.

Tailored specifically to the NVOCC way of doing business, CMS has reined in "cloud computing" for our web based solution to AMS and ISF 10+2 filing.

The user friendly interface with reusable components puts us years ahead of any other similar systems.

In addition to web based transactions, we accept data via EDI in CAMIR-like format.

CMS is a service bureau for US CBP specializing in AMS, ISF (10+2), AES, and ABI QP/WP filing.

Each transaction receives an email confirmation upon receipt of a response from CBP.

Complete ISF Letter of intent on your company letterhead, sign and fax or email to Cargo Manager Systems at 1-908-688-0883 or All fields in red are fields user are to fill in.

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Fact Sheet: New Cargo Security Requirements for Maritime Carriers and Importers