Cargo Manager Automated Manifest System with ISF 10+2

International Carrier Bonds for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs)

Customs published a final rule in the Federal Register, Volume 67; Number 211, page 66318 (67 FR 66318) dated October 31, 2002. The rule, "Presentation of Vessel Cargo Declaration to Customs Before Cargo Is Laden Aboard Vessel At Foreign Port for Transport to the United States" provides for NVOCCs to transmit manifest data electronically to U. S. Customs. The final rule states that Customs headquarters will issue policy guidance on bond coverage specific to NVOCC activity. This guidance will establish the minimum bond to be required.

The purpose of this memorandum is to establish and set the minimum bond amount for NVOCCs who become participants in the Automated Manifest System. Customs Directive 099 3510-004 dated July 23, 1991, will be amended to reflect this change.

Effective immediately, the established minimum bond amount for an activity type 3 International Carrier Bond for NVOCCs is $50,000. Port Directors will ensure that these International Carrier Bonds for NVOCCs are processed timely.

As previously stated, these are minimum guidelines only. Port Directors are authorized to set higher amounts based upon their experience with the NVOCCs.

Questions about the final rule may be address to Pete Flores, (202) 344-3127.