Cargo Manager Automated Manifest System with ISF 10+2

Cargo Manager Systems, Inc. announces "CMS Advantage"

CMS Advantage is a cost effective and user friendly interface designed specifically for NVOs to comply with "US Customs 24 Hour Advance Cargo Manifest Declaration Rule".

NVOs have two options when using CMS Advantage. They can enter Bill of Lading data directly into a web based database, or alternatively they can create a text file from their existing system and send it to CMS via internet mail or FTP.

In addition to the records which are required for US Customs filing an overseas NVO can enter freight charges associated with the Bill of Lading and designate an NVO in the US who will then receive the copy of the transmission including the charges.

This facility will speed document distribution to the consignee, increase accuracy and eliminate unnecessary re-keying of data by the receiving NVO in the US.

How does CMS Advantage work?

For web based solution, overseas NVO enters data via web into a database at CMS. When entry is finished for a manifest, NVO clicks on "Send to US Customs" tag.

At that point CMS Advantage system performs validation and generates a file in AMS format. Error free file is transmitted to AMS (US Customs), errors are reported to the originator. At the same time responses from AMS are retrieved and loaded into web database as well as e-mailed to a designated party. Adjustments can be done at any time and retransmitted to AMS. When NVO chooses to send a text file to CMS, that file is sent to a specific mailbox. CMS Advantage system continuously checks this mailbox for incoming mail. When mail is received it is processed immediately and loaded into database at CMS. At the same time validation is performed on the received data. When errors exist e-mail message is sent back to the originator, otherwise a file is generated in AMS format and transmitted to AMS (US Customs). Errors can be corrected by sending another text file or by going to the web and making corrections on-line. Using web interface one can monitor AMS responses as well as any "holds for inspection".

When overseas NVO optionally selects to send data to the receiving NVO in the US, a text file is forwarded to that NVO for processing.

How does one get started?

Send us an e-mail message to stating that you wish to proceed with CMS Advantage, we will prepare a contract, and inform you of the next steps.

What is the pricing structure for CMS Advantage?

There is a $1.00 per Bill of Lading Fee transaction fee with a minimum of $100 per month.