Cargo Manager ACI - EMANIFEST - Canada

Changes to the Implementation Timeline for Electronic House Bills (Customs Notice 17-15)

On June 9, 2013, the CBSA deployed new electronic systems that allow freight forwarders in all modes of transportation to transmit advance house bill data on consolidated freight to the CBSA.

A voluntary compliance period will remain in effect until eManifest-enabling regulations come into force. Regulations to enforce eManifest requirements for freight forwarders are expected to be in place in July 2014.

Until the transmission of advance house bill data becomes mandatory, electronic supplementary reports will continue to be required in the air and marine modes, using an EDI method. Refer to mode-specific chapters of the Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document (ECCRD) for more information on supplementary reports.

Effective April 19, 2004, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will require that some key data elements be transmitted electronically 24 hours before loading at the foreign port using ACI-EDI cargo reporting, as described in Customs Notice N-542.

Foreign freight forwarders will be required to transmit supplementary cargo reports to CBSA using an 8000 Series Carrier Code either directly or through a service provider.

To obtain an 8000 Series Carrier Code, foreign freight forwarders can download form E369-1, complete it, and fax it to the number provided on the form.

You must also fill out the Client Application Form and fax it to (908)-688-0883 or email to

Once you obtain the 8000 Series Carrier Code and have filled out the Client Application Form you are ready to start transmitting data to CBSA. We at Cargo Manager have arranged to capture data on our web site or receive it electronically through email/FTP and deliver it to CBSA via a Canadian affiliate. Upon receipt of responses you will receive email notifications and we will update our web site simultaneously.

This procedure is similar to the USA AMS system. It is somewhat simpler and does not require that one obtains any bonds in Canada.

For our existing customers of CMS-AMS we are developing a similar facility which will be available during the first week of April for testing. Pricing is the same as US-AMS and combined transactions are counted for minimum.