CMS ABI Electronic In-Bond - QP/WP

On February 22, 2012 CBP has published in Federal Register "Changes to In-Bond Process" according to which by middle of 2012 paper 7512 form will no longer be accepted. Only Electronic In-Bond requests will be filed into ACE. One of the accepted venues is QP/WP.

Cargo Manager Systems Inc. is pleased to provide a facility called ABI QP/WP through which non-brokers can request electronic In-Bond move authorization and receive responses from Customs & Border Protection electronically. Participants can be Container Freight Stations, and other entities involved in the bonded cargo movement or storage.

In order to participate one needs to obtain an ABI filer code from the local customs office where the entity operates, complete a Letter of intent printed on Company letterhead, sign and fax or email to Cargo Manager Systems at 1-908-688-0883 or

Users of Cargo Manager Systems' CFS Manager can make request directly from the application itself and receive responses into the application.